How to win at Wheel of Fortune slots – your personal guide

January 14, 2021 0 Comments

If this is not your first day in the gambling world, you must be aware of the popularity of Wheel of Fortune slot machines. Since their debut in 1966, this great style of betting has attracted enthusiasts over the years with spinning money wheels and stunning prize pools.

The demand for these slots is due to their unusual theme dedicated to the once-popular TV show. Moreover, they have become so popular that today you can find several versions of video slots powered by IGT. As they operate on an RNG basis with random outcomes and combinations, they cannot be “beaten” in the long run. However, we have a few secrets and tricks that will tell you how to win at Wheel of Fortune slots!

How to win Wheel of Fortune slots?

The developers release hundreds of video slots every year.

Many of them cannot compete with Wheel of Fortune as these games are timeless classics. To win as much money as possible, follow the tips below.

  1. Choose the right denomination. In many gaming halls, wheel of fortune slot machines are offered with a different denomination that ranges from 5 cents to a dollar. Follow the limit that, if you lose, will not destroy your bankroll.
  2. Play max coins. In most variations of popular slots, this means 3 coins per round. If you are not playing with three coins, you cannot use some features, including the progressive jackpot, which can reach several million dollars.
  3. Don’t lose control. Slots give random payouts and if you lost your first $10, don’t upset. Due to excessive emotions, players often lose control by losing the last cent. If something goes wrong, take a break and stay positive.
  4. Your goal is to win. This is another tip for how to win on the Wheel of Fortune slots. Programmed to hold a certain amount of money, they cool down quickly. You are often better off taking your winnings and finding another game than staying and spending all your money.

These simple and straightforward tips will help you enjoy the awesome slot games and their big payouts!

How to win at Wheel of Fortune slots: casinos to play

The hottest Wheel of Fortune slots are available in all popular online casinos. To start playing, you need to choose a suitable site. Make sure it meets the requirements below:

  • Valid license.
  • Reliable security system.
  • Having at least one Wheel of Fortune slot.
  • Bonuses for new clients.

If all parameters match, register, make a deposit, and place your bets. Some casinos also offer slot machines in a free version.

How to win at Wheel of Fortune slots on mobile?

IGT is a company that has released several versions of Wheel of Fortune slots. You will quickly find them thanks to the original splash screens and a bright interface that accurately reflects the theme of the game. The good news is that these slots are mobile-friendly, and no additional software is required. The essence of the game has not changed. This means you can use the tips and instructions above. Watch your bankroll, use bonus options, and stay positive!

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